Who are you?

We are an agency that works on behalf of all the brands listed . We promote and sell brands at trade shows, market weeks and online. We collate orders, pass them to the brands and ensure you get shipped and looked after.

Where do I submit my order?

Just send it as an attachment to mark@cheekyrascalkidswear.com 

You will get a confirmation email with next steps.

Do I pay now?

No. Once the order is received you will be contacted for payment either asap if it is an order for now or just before shipping the next season.

How can I pay?

All brands accept debit and credit cards as well as AMEX. You can also pay by wire/bank transfer.

Most brands will send you an invoice to pay via PayPal

Do I pay shipping?

Check the requirements section for each brand's shipping fees. 

If its a foreign brand do I pay duty?

No. These brands have kindly covered it for you! You have nothing to pay other than the goods.

If I have made a mistake, want to change or cancel my order what do I do?

No problem - just email mark@cheekyrascalkidswear.com

Am I allowed to use a brand's images?

YES. In the Images section, you will find all images each brand would LOVE you to use - including their logos.

What currency can I buy in?

All brands can be bought in US$, CAD$, £ and €. If a price list is missing just email us and we can send it to you.

Are there any discounts?

If any discounts are available they will be promoted and listed here. Please also join our social media pages to get alerts on any deals.

What if I have damaged goods?

No problem - please email an image and the problem to mark@cheekyrascalkidswear.com and we will liaise with the brand and sort it for you asap. 

What if I receive something I didn't order?

Just email mark@cheekyrascalkidswear.com and we will sort it for you.