Little monstrous questions


Little Monster who?

Dreams of global growth?

Dreams of global growth?

Little Monsters is headed up by Mark Jeynes.  He has been in the kidswear industry for 29 years and is now offering his experience to help brands grow globally on a B2B level.


Dreams of global growth?

Dreams of global growth?

Dreams of global growth?

We can introduce you to markets and buyers across the world. Specialising in North America, Japan, China and the Middle East. Click above to see the brands already enjoying success with Little Monsters.


Sales & Marketing needs?

Dreams of global growth?

Sales & Marketing needs?

Let us grow your sales, place you with sales reps, manage your attendance at trade shows and key market weeks around the world. We can run your social media and help with marketing.

Who are you?


I'm interested in the brands you are selling and would like to possibly place an order.


I'm interested in you representing my collection and helping me increase sales globally.


I need some extra information on the brands I carry with you.

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Being monstrous face to face is always best

We love our customers and our brands - so contact us for details about where in the world we are next. 


Calls within UK: 07957 137106

Calls from USA:  01144 7957137106 

USA cell: 312.459.9316

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