What do you need?

Global sales


We have over 4000 contacts in North America, Japan, Europe and the Middle East: all looking for new kids brands. Let us introduce you to them and start selling.

Rep placement


We work with the best reps and showrooms across North America (click above) and with their help and experience can get your brand seen by the best customers.

Trade shows


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We help design, set up, run and break down trade show booths across the world. More importantly we will sell your brand at the shows and invite customers along.

Design / Manufacturing


We have access to an experienced team of talented designers who can help you with graphics, print, tech packs and inspiration. We also have strong connections with established manufacturers of all products.

Market Weeks


We help sell your brand in showrooms with Reps at the major market weeks in USA: Dallas, Atlanta, LA and NYC. 

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PR / Social Media


We can introduce you to a great team of press/PR specialists who can help with getting your brand more coverage as well as contacts who can improve your social media and marketing campaigns.